She's Got Legs

She's Got Legs is a 3 page editorial as the Drink Expert of the Holiday 2013 issue of LOCALE Magazine Orange County featuring an interview with owners Lisa Nonemaker and Alicia Whitney of the SeaLegs Wine Bar.

LOCALE Magazine Orange County Holiday 2013 Issue
She's Got Legs - Uncorking the Flavors of SeaLegs Wine Bar
"Two incredible women, Alicia Whitney and Lisa Nonemaker, opened SeaLegs just over a year ago. As they prepare my Wine Wednesday tasting – half price off all bottles of wine every Wednesday night! – Alicia told me the story of how SeaLegs got its start; how this “mom-preneur” carried a baby on her arm, directed the construction and joined with her left-brained best friend to start the restaurant that, just a few months in, had already won a Golden Foodie award for best Californian cuisine. These ladies are unstoppable, and it was incredible to see what hard work, motivation, determination - and a few glasses of wine - can do." Read the full 3 page interview at:
Photography By: Dhrumil Desai
Written By: Ryan Hines
Styling By: Jessica Meister
Left: Lisa Nonemaker | Right: Alicia Whitney
Clothing provided by The Hidden Jewel
Jewelry provided by Rapparound PR

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